About us

Lithuanian autoentrepreneurs association (LAA) – is a non-profit organization, which consists of auto business companies (vehicle and necessaries dealers, repairing of cars) of Lithuania. The membership in the Association is voluntary. The Association represents interests of auto businessmen in The Government, Parliament, Ministries, Media and same kind foreign organization. The great part of LAA members is presenting the most famous foreign manufacturers.

The LAA was founded in 1994. The Constitution and other state laws are the basis of the LAA activity. The LAA is prepared to co-operate with other organizations (Lithuanian and foreign), which are interested in car business, car safety and environmental problems.

The main aims of the LAA activity - to eliminate problems, which hinder development of auto business in Lithuania; to make better organizing of a work; to bring up society to use more safer and cleaner vehicles and its component parts.


SAFETY on roads 
TRANSPARENCY in business