Aims and Objectives


Focus Autoentrepreneurs to detect, examine, identify and correct problems that hinder Autoentrepreneurs in Lithuania, to improve organization of work, to develop a social activity, service culture, to promote use safer and cleaner vehicles and parts.

Type of Work

  • Clear business
  • Social Responsibility
  • Responsible Environment
  • Rational and measured the operating principles


  • Significant contribution to the success of Autoentrepreneurs
  • To become a leader in its field force of Lithuania


  • Develop and submit proposals to the Government, the Parliament, the Ministries and other authorities on the existing and new dispensing normative acts related to Autoentrepreneurs performance improvement, highlighting the problems hindering Autoentrepreneurs Lithuania.
  • Develop projects related to the development auto business of Lithuania and to submit proposals to relevant authorities.
  • Develop relationships with other countries Autoentrepreneurs, to participate in international events and organize events in Lithuania.
  • Cooperate with representatives of mass communication tools in order to better illuminate Autoentrepreneurs problems and achievements.
  • Promote safe and environmentally friendly traffic ideas.
  • Promote a high level culture of service, innovations.